We work for YOU not the insurance company.
Licensed & Insured.
LIFETIME warranty.
We accept 50+ insurance companies.
Fast turnaround time (1-3 days).
We handle the ENTIRE claims process so you don't have to.
FREE pickup & delivery of your vehicle (your convenience is one of our top priorities).
Highest quality guaranteed.
$0 out of pocket cost.
We pay your insurance deductible.
FREE door ding removal service with EVERY hail job


Highest quality repairs.
Fastest turnaround times.
1-10+ guys or whatever is needed to satisfy your volume needs.
We fix some of the worst damage so your body shop does not get backed up.
We write the estimates for you.
Negotiable percentages to help maximize revenue for both parties.
Flexible billing terms.


We handle the entire claim process to ensure the estimates are fair.
We can bring 10 - 100+ guys to your location overnight.
We offer the highest quality work on the market.
We offer extensive quality control to make sure ALL vehicles are in their brand NEW oem condition.
We pay your deductible.
We negotiate to save the dealership as much money as possible.
FASTEST turnaround times guaranteed.
NO job is too big or too small for us.