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The Cost of Roof Hail Damage 


According to a March 2019 analysis of roof hail repair by State Farm, damage caused by wind and hail cost the insurance company more than $2.7 billion in 2018. 

Roof hail damage repair is much more of a concern if you live in the region known as “hail alley,” which spans southeast Wyoming, northeast Colorado, western Nebraska, and Kansas. The data shows that “hail alley” has encountered some of the most costly hail storms, but hail storms also happen in other states in the U.S.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), out of the five insurance policy types, Personal Property-Homeowners had the highest number of claims (1,657,663 claims or 57 percent) filed from 2016 to 2018.


How Can Hail Destroy My Roof?


Hailstones form during a thunderstorm when the air high up is below freezing. The below-freezing temperatures cause tiny ice crystals to form. These ice crystals are pulled higher up into the storm and they begin to grow bigger. 

When the updraft can no longer hold the crystals, they are pulled toward the earth by gravity into above-freezing temperatures. As the particles of ice fall downwards, they pick up moisture from the rain and water vapor and become bigger. When the hailstones reach the earth, they can destroy not only your auto vehicles but also your roof and other personal property. 


Inspecting Your Roof for Hail Damage

Home Roof Hail Repair

There are various types of roofs and hail can affect each one in a different way. Hail damage to asphalt or composition shingles can differ from hail damage to wood shingles or other roof types. 

If you have a roof with a single layer of shingles, hailstones that are 1-inch or larger will have a greater impact than smaller stones and will require a more comprehensive roof hail repair. However, if you have a roof with multiple layers of shingles, smaller hailstones may pierce through the softer support area underneath the top layer. 

Because you cannot see the top of your roof when looking at it from below, you may not be able to tell how much of it was destroyed in a hail storm. You would need a professional with experience in roof hail repair to help you assess the extent of the damage. 

Roof hail damage can be assessed either by a professional going on top of your roof or by using drones to take photos and videos. 


Will My Insurance Cover Roof Hail Repair?

Roof Hail Repair Denver, Colorado

Not all homeowner policies will cover the hail damage repair cost for your roof. You have to check your insurance policy first to make sure you can file a claim. 

If your home needs hail repair, choose Hail Specialists and put your mind at ease. Our knowledgeable professionals know the insurance process inside and out. Instead of contacting your insurance company by yourself, we can step in and do all the work for you. 

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