Fix Auto Hail Damage with Paintless Dent Repair vs. Replacement Parts

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Fix Hail Damage

If you live in one of the states that constitute “Hail Alley,” you need to know your best options to fix hail damage. Also, you need to be ready at all times because hail can happen anywhere when there is a severe thunderstorm. 

At Hail Specialists, you can trust us to fix car panels damaged by hail and restore them to pre-loss conditions.

We repair hail-damaged panels using two main methods:

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

PDR is an advanced technique where experts carefully massage the interior behind the dents and push the metal until it is straight and returns to its pre-loss look. The PDR method is faster than conventional methods and can remove various sizes of dents, dings, and body creases. 

Replacing Panels with New Parts

This can take up to several months—the technicians need to order the parts first before repairs start and the replacement process can take a long time. Usually, insurance companies want you to replace every roof and hood, and, unfortunately, replacing a roof can take 30-60 days. Body shops will give you a timeline of two months at a minimum to complete all replacements. 

We offer you a better advantage! At Hail Specialists, we fix hail damage within 1–3 days when we use the PDR technique. 

Replacing Auto Body Panels Can Be Expensive

Your decision to use PDR or replacement parts will be influenced by the following factors: 

  • Your personal preference
  • The recommendation of the repair shop

The final estimate for replacing auto body panels also depends on the following:

  • The time for labor, both for fixing and painting your car
  • The materials and parts your car would need
  • The number of dents
  • Whether the panel parts are small or large 

The costs for replacement parts can vary as described below:

  • Belt moldings: $50–$200+ depending on the brand
  • Quarter glass: $300–$1200+. The glass on the quarter panel of a vehicle usually has moldings. The moldings on the doors that open can be replaced without replacing the glass. However, the moldings attached to quarter glasses cannot be changed. You have the change the entire assembly, i.e. the glass and the molding.
  • Hood replacement: $400–$1000+ for the part, and an additional $400-1000 for the paint, depending on the paint code.
  • Roof replacement: $2000–$4000+ depending on your car’s year, make, and model.

At Hail Specialists, we curtail costs by using PDR instead of replacing these parts (except the belt moldings and quarter glass; we replace those as they are not fixable).

What if I Have Comprehensive Insurance?

If you have comprehensive insurance, you won’t need to worry about the hail damage repair cost—your insurance company will fully cover these expenses as federal law prohibits insurance companies from penalizing insured individuals covered under a comprehensive plan. 

Also, Hail Specialists will pay your deductible so it would cost you $0 out-of-pocket.  

Fix Hail Damage with Paintless Dent Repair to Avoid Replacing Panels with Aftermarket Parts

Having discussed how expensive replacing auto body panels can be, what can we do to save your car’s original panels and prevent the extreme costs for replacements?

This is where PDR comes in. PDR helps us retain the original panels and avoid expensive aftermarket parts. 

As a rule of thumb, we tell our customers to use PDR to repair as many panels with hail damage as much as possible to save both time and money, especially if they do not have comprehensive insurance.

Fix Hail Damage with Paintless Dent Repair to Save Your Car’s Original Factory Paint

The original paint gives your car a greater monetary and utility value than new paint. This is why at Hail Specialists, we strive to keep your car’s original factory paint.

One major advantage of using the state-of-the-art PDR method is that it saves your car’s original factory paint and, hence, protects the value of your car. With PDR, we won’t need to bond, sand, or repaint. PDR is the best technique for retaining your car’s original value. 

Fix Hail Damage with Reliable PDR Experts at Hail Specialists

If you find out that your panels have been damaged by hail, don’t try to repair them by yourself. Our PDR experts have many combined years of experience in auto hail repair. 

We put our customers at the core of our business. Our goal is to take care of everything so you don’t have to.

Not only are we excellent at restoring auto panels damaged by hail, but we also handle your insurance process, pay your deductible, offer a lifetime warranty, and pay for your rental car if needed, all with a speedy turnaround.

For all your auto hail damage repair needs, contact Hail Specialists today.


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