Our Collision Repair Process For Auto Body & Paint

When you’ve been in a car crash, we recommend calling us at 737-274-0500 immediately so we can begin your collision repair process right from the start. We will have your car towed from the collision site to our facility at no cost to you. We will be this service to your insurance company.

If your vehicle has already been towed to a different facility, and you would like to have your vehicle repaired at Hail Specialists, please call us at 737-274-0500. We will arrange to have your vehicle towed to our facility.

  1. When you drop your vehicle with us, you will be required to sign our intake forms. Our intake forms consist of:
    • Direction to Pay (DOP): This form allows your insurance company to pay us directly. This allows us to immediately release your car upon completion. 
    • Total Loss Acknowledgement: In an event of a total loss, you acknowledge that you or your insurance company will be liable to pay all related fees. 
    • Assignment of Benefit: This form authorizes the assignment of benefit across various policies to Hail Specialists.  
    • Rental Agreement: If you are in need of a rental vehicle, we provide loaner vehicles through our rental agreement. 
    • Once everyone has signed the forms, we will send a signed copy of these forms to your email.  
  2. Please bring all paperwork from your insurance company or email us the electronic copies.
  3. Please bring any checks your insurance company may have issued. We’ll void these checks and have them reissued to us directly to prevent any delays. 
  4. In terms of your involvement in our collision repair process, this is where it stops for you!
  1. Starting with our third step for our collision repair process, you won’t have to do a thing anymore. 
  2. We will wash and disassemble your vehicle for damage assessment. Through a special process called blueprinting, we are able to identify and establish the repair process for all damaged parts. This allows us to produce an accurate cost estimate and repair timeline for your vehicle. 

After assessing your vehicle for damage, we will submit our estimate to your insurance company. Your insurance company will set up an inspection and approve our estimate. 

  1. After your insurance company approves of our estimate, we’ll order any replacement parts your vehicle may need.
  2. After that, we will repair other parts of your vehicle accordingly. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Collision Repair Services we offer, if you’re a curious reader. 

After your repair is complete, we will reassemble your vehicle and run several tests as part of our Quality Check process. 

  1.  As part of our final step for your collision repair process, we detail your vehicle before letting you know it’s ready for pickup. 
  2. We do offer our free drop-off service if you’re unavailable for a pickup.

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