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Collision Repair

When you’ve been involved in a car collision, it’s important to bring your vehicle back to its pre-loss condition with the right collision repair professionals. This is how we do it.

Top Safety Standards

It can be scary to get back into your vehicle after being involved in a car crash. This is why we only follow industry standard safety guidelines when repairing your vehicle. We want you to feel confident when you’re behind the wheel. 

We will never cut costs by going with the cheaper repair alternative that your insurance company may suggest.We work for you, not for your insurance company, and we want you to have the best repair to feel safe again. Should we feel that your insurance company is downgrading the quality of your repair by saving costs, we will negotiate with them to have the rightful repairs done on your vehicle. On the rare occasion they're unwilling to cooperate, we'll notify you to advocate for your safe repair to your insurance. 

Quality Repair

Whether your vehicle has been broken into because of theft, was a victim of vandalism or was involved in a major collision, we provide the best repair service based on your needs. Our technicians have been trained to follow OEM repair procedures, and to use only the best tools and repair technique to repair your vehicle to meet its pre-loss performance and durability. 

We offer an extensive collision repair service to various body types such as steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber and more. 

Auto Body & Paint Services

Free Towing Service*

Calling your insurance company to tow your vehicle from the crash site can be frustrating and stressful. This is why we offer a towing service from the collision site to our repair shop for all insured customers. This service will come at no cost to you, and will be billed to your insurance company. 

Car Paint Repair Service

Equipped with the latest computerized paint-matching software, we are able to color match your vehicle’s factory or custom paint job. We use R-M paint by BASF, a premium paint brand in the automotive refinish industry and the #1 basecoat and clearcoat system in the United States. 

Bumper Repair

In an event of a collision, even a minor one, your bumper will likely be the first to be damaged. To ensure structural integrity of your vehicle and safety of all passengers, we will replace the bumper and any other items installed on the bumper such as vehicle sensors, cameras, lights or impact bars and absorbers and so on. We will only repair a bumper for paint damage. 

Front Fenders & Quarter Panels Repair Service

Much like a bumper, front fenders and quarter panels protect you during a collision by absorbing the incoming impact. Our specialized  technicians will carefully examine these areas of impact and repair or replace the damaged areas as necessary.  We will check and test for fitment, alignment and symmetry. 

Windshield Repair & Replacement

Cracked windshields aren’t just a cosmetic issue, but a major safety hazard for you and your passenger’s safety. We replace all cracked windshields with OEM replacement windshield glass and have them calibrated for windshield sensors, lane departure and more.  

Auto Glass Repair Service

Similar to cracked windshields, other cracked auto glass such as your windows or rear window, are a safety hazard to anyone in the vehicle. We will replace all damaged glass with top quality replacements to uphold and ensure safety standards while you're driving. 

Mechanical Diagnosis & Replacement

After a collision, there may be more than just external damage inflicted on your vehicle. Unknown to the eye, your vehicle’s internal system or mechanical parts may not be working as they should. With our state of the art equipment and experienced master technicians, we run thorough mechanical diagnosis scans to ensure all affected areas are repaired or replaced. 

Dent Repair

Dents may look like superficial damage, but when left unattended, they decrease your vehicle’s market value. With our specialized dent repair technicians, we are able to perform various types of dent repair methods depending on how severe your dent damage is. For most situations, we will only perform the highest quality auto dent repair through Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). We'll repair dent damage with conventional pulling or glue pulling, or replace the affected part, when PDR is not possible.

Calibration Services (ADAS)

Modern day vehicles are usually equipped with the latest hazard warning safety systems such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to ensure your safety while driving. We will always follow the original manufacturer's specifications for your vehicle's ADAS when calibrating your vehicle.

Frame Alignment

Any sort of impact to your vehicle can cause frame damage. If you were in a car accident, your frame is likely to have heavy damage such as a bent frame. Equipped with a frame machine and measuring systems, we'll analyze and measure components to compare against OEM parts.  

*Free Towing Service: The free towing service will only be applicable for insured customers. We will bill this to your insurance company.

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