Auto Hail Repair in Denver, Colorado: Benefits of Using Hail Specialists

Nov 22, 2019 | Auto Hail Repair, Denver Colorado, Hail Specialists

Hail Specialists Auto Hail Repair Denver

Auto hail repair is a service you will likely need if you are a vehicle owner and live or work in Denver, Colorado.

Denver is an attractive city known for its extreme weather, including snowy winters with unusual mild stretches where daytime temperatures sometimes reach 60 degrees. However, in the spring, summer, and fall, it is common to experience damaging winds and hailstorms that produce hail – especially large, damaging hail.

According to a 2019 analysis by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Colorado is among the top five states for hail loss claims. This is why Denver’s locally owned Hail Specialists has you covered.

Your convenience is our top priority. Our goal is to make sure your auto hail repair needs are completely hassle-free. Once you discover that your vehicle is damaged by hail, choose us for your auto hail repair needs.

7 Benefits of Using Denver’s Hail Specialists for your Auto Hail Repair Needs:

1. We handle your entire insurance process

We understand that you are too busy to deal with the logistics of your insurance company.

Leave it to us. We let you focus on your work and family while we take care of everything from start to finish. We require zero effort from you to make the process as convenient as possible.

Our auto hail specialists negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. We handle the entire claims process so you don’t have to.

2. One to three days of turnaround time

Our certified experienced technicians have the knowledge and technology for a speedy auto hail repair while maintaining the highest quality repairs on the market.

Most auto hail repairs are completed in less than three days.

3. We pay your deductible up to $1,000

This means that you pay $0 out-of-pocket. You will never be charged upfront.

4. We accept ALL insurance companies

Every major insurance company in the United States covers our paintless dent repair (PDR) process.

Our only requirement is that you are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan.

5. We provide high-quality repairs through our PDR method

Our PDR method is an advanced method in the industry that is superior to conventional methods.

Conventional repair involves filling in the dents with body filler and then repainting the panel. This process strips the vehicle of its original finish and puts an aftermarket finish, which may not comply with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

We consider conventional repair sub-par to modern methods. Instead, we repair hail-damaged cars with an extremely high-quality method called PDR.

Using special tools, PDR restores the vehicle’s body to its factory-like condition in less time than conventional methods.

PDR allows us to speed up the repair process. It removes body creases, dings, and dents. PDR is a sustainable solution and is more affordable than traditional dent repair.

6. Every repair has a nationwide LIFETIME warranty

We offer the industry’s best lifetime warranty on the market.

In the rare event that our PDR process results are compromised, we will correct any flaws for you at no extra charges.

7. Free Rental Car

We understand that life moves on after a hailstorm. We take care of everything so your life can continue as normal.

When you leave your vehicle with us, we will pay for your rental car if you don’t already have a rental car coverage on your insurance policy. You can continue doing things you love while we get your car back to its best shape.

Use Denver’s Hail Specialists for all your Auto Hail Repair Needs

We take the stress away from auto hail repair for Denver residents. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

We handle your insurance process, pay your deductible, offer a lifetime warranty, and pay for your rental car, all with a speedy turnaround.

Call Hail Specialists today at 720-998-3280.

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