Why PDR for Hail Damage Repair?

Jan 10, 2020 | Auto Hail Damage Repair, Hail Damage, Hail Damage Repair, Hail Specialists, Paintless Dent Repair PDR


Why is Hail Damage Repair Important?

Every year, hail destroys crops and property resulting in billions of dollars in hail damage, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). According to Verisk, 10.7 million properties were damaged by hail in 2017, and 12.6 million in 2016 in the United States.

If hail destroys your car or your roof, you need a company you can trust for hail damage repair.

How is Hail Damage Repair Achieved?

There are times when hail damage has a minimal effect. However, when hail the size of golf balls or even baseballs damage your car, you need to seek professional help.

The most common auto hail damage repair methods are:

1. Using Body Filler:

A filler is applied over the surface damaged by hail and then sanded for a smooth look. The panel is also re-painted to match the rest of the vehicle.

Using a body filler is the traditional method for hail damage repair. This process often strips a vehicle of its original finish, replacing it with an aftermarket finish. The replaced finish may not comply with the same original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards as the manufacturer intended.

2. Remove and Replace (R & R):

Remove and replace simply means removing all damaged panels and replacing them with new ones. Replacements must be completed first before the panels are repainted to match the rest of the body.

The R & R method may not be cost-effective for extensive damage as the total parts needed may require a hefty check.

3. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR):

PDR is an advanced technique that has become increasingly popular. It can remove various sizes of dents, dings, and body creases. Within 1 to 3 days, your car can return to its factory-like condition with PDR.

Using our unique PDR light, we will carefully inspect your car and circle every dent and damage caused by hail. Once we have examined your car, we will use the PDR technique to carefully massage the dents back into place. We repeat the process until the exterior returns to its initial look.

Why is PDR the best method for hail damage repair?

PDR is increasing in popularity as a newer alternative to conventional methods.

Here are some major reasons why PDR has won significant recognition:

  1. The PDR process is way faster than conventional methods. Using body filler or replacing parts may take several days, but PDR only takes 1–3 days.
  2. With PDR, there is no need for bonding, sanding, or repainting. Using special tools, the technician massages the metal from the inside until the panel returns to its original shape.
  3. PDR uses the latest state-of-the-art technology. Qualified technicians use special PDR lights to find out exactly where the damages or dents are located.
  4. Both steel or aluminum panels are able to undergo Paintless Dent Repair because PDR is a versatile technique. The construction of aluminum body vehicles is on the rise for various benefits, including better fuel efficiency and superior handling. However, some customers still need auto hail repairs on steel body vehicles. The PDR method works great on both metals.
  5. PDR is cost-effective. Repairing dents caused by hail, no matter how small, can get very expensive. PDR is gaining popularity with customers because it is more affordable than conventional methods.

Reliable PDR Experts at Your Fingertips

When you discover that your car has been damaged by hail, put your mind at ease by using reliable Denver auto hail specialists. Our PDR experts have many combined years of experience in auto hail repair.

We eliminate stress and we’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to.

We’ll handle your insurance process, pay your deductible, offer a lifetime warranty, and pay for your rental car if needed! The best part of it all, it’s all done with a speedy turnaround time.

For all your hail damage repair needs, contact Hail Specialists today at 737-274-0500.

Call us today at 737-274-0500 or Email us at [email protected]

Our mission is to provide you a hassle-free and cost-effective repair experience while maintaining the same level of quality repair and service. There is a reason our customers continue to return to Hail Specialists year after year.


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