Hail Damage Repair in Katy, Texas

Hail Damage Solutions in Katy, Texas


Why You Need to be Prepared

If you’re living in Katy, Texas, you probably have yet to see devastating hail damage like the one that occurred in Denver in 2017. So, if you’re thinking that hail damage repair for those living in Katy is totally unnecessary because hail isn’t severe, you’re wrong. While hail is not as severe as the one mentioned earlier, it does not necessarily mean that hail damage does not exist in Katy because they do.

Based on past hail reports, hail is rarely ever seen in Katy -with the highest number of hailstorms occurring in a year is three, in 2013 and 2019. Despite historical data preparing most of us for a maximum of three hailstorms in a year, we’ve had 7 hailstorms and counting in Katy in just 2020 alone!

With that said, if you’ve been in a hailstorm, you’re likely worried about the hail damage on your vehicle. Either it’s been a while since you’ve had to repair hail damage on your car, or if it’s your first time approaching this issue – we ask you not to worry.

Because we’ll answer the question lingering in your mind for you.

Who Do We Go to for Hail Damage Repair in Katy?

The answer is simple. You can come to us, Hail Specialists. With over 500 years of combined experience in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), we have all the solutions to fit your needs. Stop asking yourself how to get rid of hail damage on your own when we have the answers to help you.


Retail Customers

• We help you with your insurance process from start to finish.

• We’ll file your insurance claim for hail damage and make sure the estimates provided are accurate.

• Your deductible is covered by us.

• Your car is fixed in under 3 days!

• To learn more about our retail customer process and other benefits we bring to you, head over to our Retail Customers Solution.


• We help you prevent backlogs by giving you the help you need.

• All repairs are guaranteed for the fastest turnaround time and they undergo extensive quality controls.

• We provide a team of technicians to accommodate your needs.

• We’re extremely flexible in our billing terms.

• To learn more about our body shop process, head over to our Body Shop Solution.


• All repairs are done as quickly as possible so they’re ready for sale.

• We make sure to minimize your repair costs.

• We provide a team of 10 to 100 technicians to accommodate your needs.

• All repairs undergo extensive quality control by our technicians.

• To learn more about our dealership process, head over to our Dealership Solution.

For all hail damage dent repair needs in Katy, Texas, contact us today at 832-942-9467.


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Our mission is to provide a $0 out of pocket cost for our customers while maintaining the same level of quality repair & service! There is a reason our customers continue to return to Hail Specialists year after year.

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