Hail Damage Repair in Houston, Texas

Hail Damage Solutions in Houston, Texas


Costs Inccured from Hailstorm Damage

If you live in Houston, Texas, you might’ve had the need for hail damage repair in Houston at least once in your life. For the past 26 years, Texas has had more than 36 $100 million disasters from severe thunderstorms and of that 36, 29 of them were from hail damage.

Despite having a large presence under severe thunderstorms, most people worry more over tornadoes and dismiss the dangers of hailstorms.

In June 2018, hailstorms caused more than a billion dollars in damage in Texas, especially around Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In April 2016, hailstorms in northern and central Texas caused $3.5 billion in damage. Hailstorms are dangerous and they can damage properties such as your car, when exposed to hail.

Don’t Let Hailstorm Damage Faze You

With hail season currently in session from March to May, we expect to see hailstorms happening throughout Houston, and other areas in Texas. In other words, you’re likely to suffer from some form of hail damage on your vehicle at some point in time.

While having hail damage on your car may sound intimidating, the process of fixing it is very simple.

You just need the right people.

If you find yourself struggling to undo the damage sustained on your vehicle because of hail, look no further! When it comes to making sure your car is fixed for all damage sustained, you should only approach the best of the best.

At Hail Specialists, we offer Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) solutions to our customers in Houston. By utilizing our PDR services, we make it easy for you to receive hail damage repair in Houston in a timely manner no matter your needs.


Retail Customers

• We help you with your insurance process from start to finish.

• We’ll file your insurance claim for hail damage and make sure the estimates provided are accurate.

• Your deductible is covered by us.

• Your car is fixed in under 3 days!

• To learn more about our retail customer process and other benefits we bring to you, head over to our Retail Customers Solution.


• We help you prevent backlogs by giving you the help you need.

• All repairs are guaranteed for the fastest turnaround time and they undergo extensive quality controls.

• We provide a team of technicians to accommodate your needs.

• We’re extremely flexible in our billing terms.

• To learn more about our body shop process, head over to our Body Shop Solution.


• All repairs are done as quickly as possible so they’re ready for sale.

• We make sure to minimize your repair costs.

• We provide a team of 10 to 100 technicians to accommodate your needs.

• All repairs undergo extensive quality control by our technicians.

• To learn more about our dealership process, head over to our Dealership Solution.

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