Here’s How We Can Deliver A Fast PDR Turnaround For Your Workshop

Jun 29, 2020 | Auto Hail Damage Repair, Hail Damage, Paintless Dent Repair PDR


When a hailstorm hits your city, the number one question that most body shops encounter from customers is: “How fast is your PDR turnaround?”

With active hail season currently in session, most body shops are bustling with work. 

Mother nature knows best, that’s for sure. But sometimes, she may be vicious in her actions – leaving disasters in her wake.

A simple example is this: hailstorms.

When a hailstorm sweeps by through a city, everyone knows it. And it doesn’t just end there -the damage sustained on rooftops, cars and other personal properties are hard to miss too. 

If your body shop is located in hail prone areas, it’s likely you know exactly what we’re talking about. Chances are, you’re not a stranger to having multiple cars being sent to your body shop for repairs. If the entire city is hit with a storm, you’d essentially have an entire city worth of cars to fix.

But with only so much time and PDR technicians you have on-site, this can lead to backlogs and in general, a long wait time for your customers to get back their cars. Customers can leave unsatisfied with the long wait time, or go to another body shop for hail damage repair entirely. Either way, both situations aren’t favorable when it comes to your business.

So How Do You Get Rid of Backlogs When It Comes To Hail Dent Repair For Cars?

Right after a hailstorm hits, almost everyone in town would be rushing to fix the problem right away. But with such high demand for a service that relies solely on manpower, backlogs for body shops will always be the number one issue that body shops face. 

Manpower is a major issue. This is especially true because it’s hard to find skilled PDR technicians that actually want to fix every panel rather than replace it. Most technicians that work in body shops take advantage of the fact that they’re working in a body shop, and instead of fixing panels, they’ll replace them.


Because they’re not the ideal money maker. They look at it with the eyes of money and think they can take advantage. 

That’s where Hail Specialists come in. We don’t allow our technicians to act like that. 

When a body shop performs a conventional repair, it adds at minimum a week to the process, causing more delay. 

Save time and give your customers what they need: A fast turnaround service. 

In most cases, body shops will be scheduled out for weeks to months due to backlogs. It doesn’t matter if customers demand a fast PDR turnaround for hail dent repair because with backlogs, your work speed and efficiency are limited to the number of technicians you have on-site.

Again, backlogs are caused by the technicians — because they refuse to fix it and tell the body shop to replace the panel instead. 

PDR is faster than traditional repair methods and is why it is one of the preferred methods for insurance companies to have vehicles repaired by.

So as a body shop, what can you do to get rid of this issue?

You can spend nights thinking of a solution to this issue but instead, we’ll provide the answer to you. 

Our resource allocation service. 

How Does Our Resource Allocation Service Work?

At Hail Specialists, we specialize in Paintless Dent Repair, also known as PDR. It is an advanced method of car hail dent removal for dents and dings. PDR massages dents back to their original position. By utilizing PDR, hail damage can be fixed without further damaging or disrupting the paint on your car. 

And there is usually no need to repaint over the damaged area. PDR can remove dents of all sizes if the paint surface is not damaged.

If you are a traditional body shop that does not utilize PDR when it comes to fixing hail dents –or even if you are a PDR body shop — you can benefit from our resource allocation service. Resource allocation, also known as resource management by some, is based on performing tasks considering resource availability and the project’s estimated time. 

In short, this is how our resource allocation service works.

If you’ve been hit with a hailstorm and you know you will be overbooked, you can call us. We’ll send out a team of highly trained PDR technicians to you. 

Your auto body repair shop will receive expert PDR technicians with strong abilities to fix all dents with a quick turnaround time. With this additional manpower, you can effectively remove all backlogs in your shop. This greatly reduces the chances of being overbooked.

We provide the best PDR service for all body shops.

So Why Wait?

With over 5 years of PDR experience in the industry, we’re one of America’s best PDR service providers. Although our hail damage repair facilities are scattered across the country, that doesn’t mean we’ll only provide our resource allocation services to where we’re based. No matter where you’re located, our dedicated team of PDR experts will come to you. 

Your customers deserve the fastest PDR turnaround we can provide. 

Call us now at 737-274-0500 and ask about our resource allocation solution for your body shop. 

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