Hail Damage Repair in San Antonio COVID-19 Updates

Aug 4, 2020 | Auto Hail Damage Repair, COVID-19, Hail Damage, Hail Damage Repair, Paintless Dent Repair PDR


While most of the country has shut down due to COVID-19, we have not! Hail doesn’t stop and so hail damage repair shouldn’t either. With Texas being the #1 state in the United States for the most hail damage, we’re prepared to meet mother nature head-on with our PDR tools ready in hand for all hail damage repair needs in San Antonio

Our customers have always been our priority, and we will continue to adapt to ensure you remain safe with us by following proper sanitation procedures. COVID-19 lives on surfaces, and depending on each material of the surface, the virus can live for longer than 24 hours. According to research, plastic and stainless steel provide the best environment for the virus to live off of. These are two surfaces that are in our everyday lives!   

From the beginning to the end of your time with us, our San Antonio facility has measures in place to guarantee your safety during this pandemic.  

Our Response to COVID-19

To provide a safe working environment for both our customers and our employees, we’re doing everything to maintain a COVID-safe environment. Take advantage of our free pickup/drop off service to begin your appointment with us!

Our other procedures are as listed: 

  • We require employees to wear a face mask at all times.
  • We disinfect your car with disinfectant wipes.
  • Face masks are provided to our employees.
  • We place hand sanitizer stations by our doors for instant disinfection. 
  • We sanitize your car keys before returning them to you.
  • Most importantly, we return your car fully sanitized.

In terms of your car and our facility, we have placed new rules for our employees and customers. The state of Texas has mandated masks in all public spaces. This means our employees and customers must wear a mask upon entry. Forgot your mask at home? We’ll provide you with one for free!

We get it’s a little nerve-wracking for a stranger to be working on your car, especially during a time like this. Therefore, we’ll use disinfectant wipes to wipe down every part of your car to make sure your car is clean and all germs are eliminated. Your keys will be fully disinfected too before they are returned to you as well. 

For your convenience, we have complimentary hand sanitizing stations outside. 

PDR & Hail Damage Repair in San Antonio

Compared to other techniques, Paintless Dent Repair is fast and reliable. Our customers have switched from conventional body shops to us because time and time again, body shops take too long to schedule your vehicle for hail repair. And even then, it could take another few weeks for them to fully repair your car as they wait for parts. 

With Hail Specialists, hail damage repair in San Antonio is quick because we use PDR. In 1 to 3 days, we return your car to its pre-dent condition, guaranteed. 

Here’s why PDR is the better alternative to traditional methods of hail dent repair:

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Car value restored.
  • No paint peeling. 
  • Non-intrusive. 
  • No panel rusting.
  • 1-3 day turnaround rate.

And as an added bonus, this method can be used on both steel and aluminum paneling. Other traditional methods can take weeks to replace parts, which we eliminate with PDR. Our technicians never use body fillers or remove the paint on your car to get the job done. PDR is a non-invasive method. Each customer receives their car back to its pre-dent condition, so there are no surprises to how your car will look. 

And remember, we’re taking car sanitation seriously! We guarantee this by disinfecting immediately after the repair!  

Customer is our #1 Priority–Always 

We have always strived for our customers’ experience to be our #1 priority. As a result, we offer a stress-free journey. Starting with filing your insurance claim for you, we offer additional services like paying $0 out-of-pocket when we waive your deductible cost! We truly believe in providing the best customer service in our industry because we care about your experience as our customer. 

Our 600+ years of combined experience allows us to take care of every step of the process for you with confidence.  

Hail Damage Repair in San Antonio

Give us a call at 737-274-0500 or email us at [email protected] to get started today! You can even request your FREE assessment with us too. 

We offer free pick up and delivery for your convenience! And, we welcome and accommodate same-day appointments. 

We are remaining open for our regular hours, 7 days a week from 8 a.m to 8 p.m MST. 

Nearby? Find us at our San Antonio location:

Call us today at 737-274-0500 or Email us at [email protected]

Our mission is to provide you a hassle-free and cost-effective repair experience while maintaining the same level of quality repair and service. There is a reason our customers continue to return to Hail Specialists year after year.


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