Does Hail Damage Devalue My Car? YES.

May 10, 2021 | Auto Hail Damage Repair, Hail Damage Repair, Paintless Dent Repair PDR


Do I Really Need To Repair My Vehicle For Hail Damage?

We know why you’re here. With the recent hail storm that hit San Antonio on May 3rd, you’re more than likely to have hail damage on your vehicle. And now you want to know just exactly how much hail damage devalues your car and if it’s worth paying the price for your repair. After all, depending on how much you’ll need to pay for your deductible -your repair can be pricey. But we’ll let you in on a secret -on how you can get your vehicle repaired without paying for your deductible in a little bit. (Or you can skip and read it here.)

So Do I Need Auto Hail Damage Repair?

We’ll keep things simple. The storm that hit San Antonio was devastating. Depending on the size and velocity of the falling hailstones, along with the duration of the hail storm, the severity of your vehicle’s damage can range from minor imperfections to your vehicle being totaled. San Antonio saw hailstones averaging between 1 inch to 4.5 inches, hailstones of which can easily damage your car. However, if your vehicle is only sporting dents after the storm, you might wonder if it’s really worth it to have your car repaired for hail damage.

Our answer is: YES.

Because while your car may be fully functional, hail damage will devalue your car and affect its resale value.

How much does hail damage devalue a car?

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t pay much attention to how a car looks, hail dents might be something you could decide to live with. But keep in mind that dents, when not removed, it will have a diminishing effect on the value of your vehicle. If you plan on selling your car, most potential buyers are only willing to buy your vehicle at a discounted price. Hail damage devalues your car by up to 90% of your car’s value with hail damage repairs ranging up to $15,000 in some cases when the damage is extensive. You can expect to lose $3000 to $10,000 when trading in your hail damaged for a new vehicle.

While you may think you’re getting a good deal, the better deal would be to have your car’s hail damaged repaired for $0 in out-of-pocket before selling it off. (Again, you can skip and read more about our $0 hail damage repair service here).

How much does hail damage affect your car’s resale value?

When you sell your car, your car’s resale value is reduced by the estimated hail damage cost on your vehicle. The estimated cost may even be inflated, signaling a cost that’s more than what the actual damage is. Why? Because it’ll include the time, effort, and resources spent on repairing your vehicle before it’s presentable for re-sale. In short, taking your hail-damaged car to a dealership or selling your car to a private buyer, you will lose more than you should.

Even if your car only has cosmetic damage, it will never have the same resale value as a car without hail damage.

hail damaged car resale price

Let’s take this chart that we’ve built based on the market price for a 2016 Toyota Corolla L as an example. In the chart above, it depicts the price of two cars of the same model and condition. The only difference? One has hail damage, and the other doesn’t. Yet, the price difference between the two is astounding! That’s a $5300 loss on your end if you were the owner of the hail-damaged Toyota Corolla L! This loss could be easily avoided if you went for auto hail damage repair right after the storm.

Will PDR affect my vehicle’s market value?

Auto hail damage repair is a general term that encompasses traditional repair and Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is our preferred method of auto hail damage repair. Why? Because unlike traditional repair which uses body fillers or paint, PDR massages out dents by using special PDR tools. When PDR is performed by a reputable company like ours, your vehicle’s market value will stay the same. We absolutely do not recommend performing PDR on your own with those DIY PDR kits available online. Without proper training, you could easily cause a bigger mess to your car.        

Will traditional repair methods affect my vehicle’s market value?

  1. Body Fillers — Dents are filled in using ‘putty’, before being sanded down and repainted with new paint.
  2. Remove and Replace — Parts such as your roof, hood, or panel are replaced.
  3. Traditional Heat Repair — This method is typically used on older and thicker paneled vehicles. Your vehicle’s metal body will be heated up and reshaped using an oxyacetylene torch. New paint is added to the reshaped metal.

All three traditional repair methods will negatively affect your vehicle’s market value because your vehicle will no longer have its original factory finish. Not only that, traditional repair generally takes a longer time to be completed too. We’ve had customers who had their cars stuck in a body shop for months without seeing any real repair progress.

How much does car hail damage repair cost? $0 with Hail Specialists!

The average cost for Paintless Dent Repair is $7500. But if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your insurance company will cover the total cost of your repair. The only portion that you’d need to pay would be your deductible. For some of us, a $100, $500 or $1000 deductible is more than enough to make us think twice about needing dent repair. You might not have the financial means to cover your deductible at this point in time. But whatever your financial situation is, we encourage you to have your car repaired for hail damage by coming to us. We make sure you pay $0 in your deductible because we’ll cover it for you (up to $1000). With our $0 hail damage repair service, you’ll maintain your car’s value and you can sell it for what it’s really worth!

Does hail damage go on CarFax?

In general, hail damage will not show up on your CarFax. With PDR, dent damage is reversed and not exactly ‘repaired’ as with traditional means (eg: body fillers and new paint).

Can PDR repair all hail damage?

For the most part, PDR can remove most dents caused by hail. However, when the damage is excessive, some body shops may suggest replacing the affected part instead. But remember -replacement parts will affect your car’s resale value too! So long as your car is no longer in its original factory finish, your vehicle’s resale value will always be lower than the market price.

Retain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value By Coming To Hail Specialists For Your PDR

When you find yourself needing auto hail damage repair, there’s only one place to go -Hail Specialists. At Hail Specialists, we have a team of experts that have more than 200 years of combined experience in the Paintless Dent Repair industry. We make sure to restore your vehicle back to its original condition pre-hail.

In short, if you start wondering “How much does hail damage devalue my car?” — just remember, with PDR your car will retain its value.

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