Our Car Cleaning Tips to Keep You Safe During COVID-19

Sep 21, 2020 | Auto Hail Damage Repair, COVID-19, Hail Damage, Hail Damage Repair, Hail Specialists, Paintless Dent Repair PDR


During COVID-19, your vehicle is a hotspot for viruses and bacteria. We want to share some of our top car cleaning tips to keep you safe! During this time, it’s important to be wary of what goes into your car. 

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t keep up with our car like we should. Studies have shown that the average American spends just over 8 hours per week in their car–that’s a lot of contact time! Each time you enter your vehicle, there are hundreds of invisible bacteria waiting to hop in too. 

COVID-19 & Car Cleaning Tips

So how dirty really is your car? 

There are so many points of contact in your car. Studies have actually found that your car is dirtier than a toilet seat. When you think about it, this makes complete sense.

Take your steering wheel for example. It’s the first and main point of contact every time you get into your car. And until this year, most Americans didn’t think to use some sort of antibacterials like a hand sanitizer or a Clorox wipe right when they get into the car. 

It’s estimated over 700 different types of bacteria live in the average car. Between eating in your car and having your family climbing in, new germs are being spread on surfaces.  

We get it, life is busy! Sometimes a proper car cleaning doesn’t fit into your schedule. We’re giving you some tips and tricks to keep you and your family safe during these hard times! 

Cleaning and Disinfection 

There are so many cheap and easy car cleaning tips–and even some fun ways to stay organized too.

It’s not something we stop to think about, but it’s actually pretty easy to do at least one, if not all, of these tips and tricks. 

Keep a disinfectant in the side door, or even in the glove compartment. 

By placing disinfectant wipes right next to you, it’s a gentle reminder to wipe everything down when you get in –or out– of the car. It’s easily accessible!

Grab some vinegar.

This is the perfect DIY stain fighter. Mix one cup of the vinegar you have laying around the house, and one cup water to soak any old stains on your car seats. 

Clean up messes when they happen.

Be prepared for a spill with napkins or paper towels on hand. You can place this easily in the glove box, or in an easily accessible seat pocket. 

Cup Holder

Oh, the dreaded cup holder. This is the biggest spot where car owners place things –and the biggest spot for sticky crumbs to be laying in wait. Every time you place your phone or other handheld items in your cup holder, it touches stale crumbs and unknown sticky substances.

Mold and bacteria thrive in this environment, so it is important to wipe it down at least weekly! 

Keep trash in one place.

This might seem silly, but keeping trash in a designated area can help everything stay clean! We don’t mean a literal kitchen-sized bin, but rather a smaller container or even just a grocery bag you can keep under your seat. 

Every time you finish a drink, disinfect your car, or even just need to throw away a wrapper, having this accessible keeps your car clean.  

Keep food contained for kids with holders. 

After going through a drive-thru with your kiddos, having one of these on hand makes it an almost mess-free meal! 

It also limits the point of contact that they have with their food–this means they aren’t touching things around them as they eat. 

Try to do a weekly or monthly deep clean! 

Grab your favorite alcohol disinfection spray or wipe every week or month and give those surfaces a good wipe down. The steering wheel, door handles, seat belts/buckles, and so on should be disinfected at this time. And it’ll take less than 5 minutes! 

Working Safely With Us For Dent Removal 

Hail storms aren’t stopping for COVID. But, we are taking extra steps to ensure that every repair is done safely. Hail isn’t something we can control, but keeping our customers safe is!  

After you’ve done all the car cleaning tips to prevent new bacteria, you definitely don’t want to take your car to a stranger. But, our customers are the heart and soul of our company, and we’re not willing to take any risks. That includes disinfecting the areas of your vehicle we’re working with. It protects both you and our staff! Every single point of contact between our staff and your vehicle will be cleaned accordingly. 

Learn more about the steps we are taking to keep our customers safe during repairs

Our Dent Removal Service – Paintless Dent Repair

Our repair process is simple but effective in returning each car back to its pre-dent condition. Instead of waiting weeks for replacement parts, PDR ensures a 1-3 day fully repaired vehicle. 

Check out all the services you can also enjoy when you work with us on your next repair!   

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