Why Are We the Best for Auto Hail Repair?

We understand that you are busy and that auto hail damage repair is an inconvenience to your busy schedule. Therefore, we believe we have the perfect dent removal solution for you -a seamless hail damage repair experience. We want you to enjoy the ease of working with us because we provide the best auto hail damage repair services no matter where you are and we always prioritize your needs. We currently have locations in Texas, Florida and Colorado.

From insurance filing to dropping off your car to your door, we’ll handle the entire auto hail repair process for you. The best part of it all is that we’ll even pay for your auto insurance deductibles so you don’t have to.

You’ll pay $0 out-of-pocket expense while receiving the best high-quality Paintless Dent Repair we have to offer.









What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair, also known as PDR, is an advanced restorative repair method that brings your automobile back to its original condition. While steel and aluminum PDRs can differ slightly, the overall result is the same.

The Best Choice

PDR is always the best choice for any hail damage, dents or dings of any kind. In order to get the best results, our technicians will carefully inspect your car for every dent in need to be fixed.

Specialized Tools

Once all dents are identified, we will utilize special tools to carefully massage the exterior back to its original position. This allows us to fix your car back to its factory-like condition without needing to bond, sand or repaint it.

Fast Turnaround

All automotive hail damage repairs done via Paintless Dent Removal will be completed in only 1-3 days! Not only that, by maintaining your car’s factory finish, you are protecting your car’s value.

Our Solutions

At Hail Specialists, we take pride in catering our services to our customers of all kinds. Whether you’re a regular retail customer, a body shop or even a dealership -we have the right solution for you. Learn how our PDR process can be customized to fit your needs.

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All you need to do is to share your love for our auto dent and hail repair services to your friends and family. This is applicable at any of our locations -Texas, Colorado or Florida! For every car referred to us, you’ll earn $200! It’s that easy. Sign up now!

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“They did a superb job on my 2017 Nissan Murano! They even took care of the hail broken windshield-so there’s no need to go to two places for hail body damage & another for windshield replacement. Additionally they saved me 3/4 of my insurance deductible! For quality hail repair this is the only place in the Denver area to call. ”

– Theodore D.

These guys are the best in the business! Their commitment to quality is unmatched. Mike and Victor are honest and friendly. I would not trust my vehicles to anyone else. They have worked on my Porsche twice, my sons car, and good friend’s Porsche. I recommend them to all my PCA member friends, and anyone else in need of Paintless Dent Repair.

– DAN K.

Are We in Your City?

Hail Dent Repair Near Me

Hail Specialists has got you covered! We provide the best auto hail damage repair service near you, if you’re located Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; Orlando, Florida; or at any other locations listed. We understand that hail dent repair can be inconvenient. If your vehicle is affected by hail or has dents, dent removal would be your number one priority.

You’ll need an auto hail damage repair service provider that you can trust both for speed and high-quality repairs. By coming to us, you can count on us to fix hail damages on your car right away!

All of our repairs use Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), an advanced technology that brings your automobile back to its original condition. If you’re in need of a factory finish auto hail repair, PDR is the best option for you! Without needing to bond, sand or repaint damaged vehicles, all automotive hail damage repairs done via Paintless Dent Removal will be completed in only 1-3 days! Not only that, by maintaining your car’s factory finish you are protecting your car’s value. If seeing is believing, check out our gallery to view the cars we’ve fixed!

We currently serve Texas, Colorado, and Florida with more states coming very soon! Click on your state to find out which cities we’re located in.

You can also contact us at 832-620-2130 or email us at [email protected]


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Our Roof Hail Repair Services are Coming Soon.

If you live within the region known as “hail alley,” fixing roof hail damage can be a major concern for many homeowners. In 2018 alone, roof hail damage amounted to $2.7 billion according to State Farm.

If you do live within the area and this is a concern of yours, you can address your worries by coming to us. Even if you don’t live within Hail Alley and you’d like to address your roof hail issues, you can come to us too. With over 600 years of combined experience in home hail repair and auto hail damage repair, our specialists have the best hail damage repair experience you need.

With our extensive expertise, you can trust us to help you with your roof hail repair. As a homeowner, proper roof maintenance is key. Take care of your roof hail damage quickly before it gets too late.


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