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The Process

1: Once you realize you have hail damage it is time to contact your insurance company and file your claim. Your insurance will set you up with a time for an adjuster to come out to you and create their initial inspection OR in most cases they have you go to one of their adjusters. If you want help filing your claim and expediting the process one of our team members can assist you filing.

2: When your insurance inspects your vehicle you can almost always count on a low and inaccurate estimate. It is not always the insurance companies’ fault, sometimes they have bad lighting, absolutely no experience estimating hail damage, or in other instances they will write a low estimate to prevent the insured from pocketing a check. Make sure you tell them you want to have Hail Specialists LLC repair your vehicle. They will issue a two-party check which will help expedite repairs. They will give you their initial estimate which is called their “approval”. After their initial estimate it is time for you to schedule a day and time to receive a free pickup or drop off.

3: Now it’s time to schedule a time for us to repair your vehicle. This is the part where you see how convenient, flexible, and all inclusive our services and staff are. We will set up a time and day for us to do a FREE pickup of your vehicle or we can set up a time for you to come by our facility and do a drop off. Often customers have us meet them at enterprise for the FREE pickup to make things more convenient. That way you do NOT have to have someone follow you to drop off your vehicle with us. Please make sure to bring all the paperwork that the insurance company gave you or have an electronic copy available to email to us. If they issued any checks, please bring those as well as we will have them voided and reissued to us directly to ensure no delays with release of your vehicle upon completion.

4: Once your vehicle is at our repair facility, we immediately begin the entire process. We put our special PDR lights on your vehicle and circle every single dent and imperfection caused by the hail. Then we write our estimate in the same software that the insurance companies use, providing the most accurate estimate and repairing / replacing EVERY SINGLE damaged part or panel on the vehicle. We then submit our supplement to them. They generally come out and reinspect in 1-2 days and approve our estimate.

5: Once our estimate is approved then the repair process starts. Our trained technicians start repairing your vehicle, replacement OEM parts are ordered, and your vehicle looks brand new in 1-3 days in most cases. We also fix all easily accessible door dings for FREE as a thank you for letting us repair your vehicle.

6: Upon completion of your vehicle we will go over any insurance paperwork if you have any questions. We then encourage you to look over your vehicle and we make sure you are satisfied with the high-quality repairs we performed. We then release the vehicle to you WITHOUT collecting the deductible. We take a loss on the labor for your deductible to get you in the door. This is an industry standard for almost all retail hail repair shops. We save money by not working through a body shop – and this means we can pass on the savings to you – our customer.

We will follow up within a few days to make sure everything with your vehicle is as expected if not better.

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